Pain therapy consists of specialized treatments that reduce inflammation, calm the body and mind, and reduce stress while increasing flexibility, mobility and stability. The goal is to relieve or eliminate your pain, as well as to give you the tools and techniques you need to manage any reoccurring pain over the long-term.
Myofascial Release (MFR) is a safe, gentle whole body approach to healing.

Fascia (also known as connective tissue) is the densely woven substance that surrounds and protects every muscle, bone, artery, vein, organ and nerve in your body.

In its natural state, it should be gel-like and glide over your internal structure, but when there is trauma, inflammation, repetitive stress or injury, the fascia becomes tight and restricted. This in turn puts intense pressure on your body, which causes pain.

And because fascia doesn’t show up on most standard tests – such as x-rays or CAT scans – many people experiencing pain as a result of fascial problems don’t get the proper diagnosis and treatment they need.

The reason why Myofascial Release is so effective is because it treats the source of your pain, using applied pressure, massage, stretching and movement to soften and relax the fascia, so your body releases the pain and is protected once more.

Yes, Myofascial Release and pain therapy are highly effective treatments for fibromyalgia. A person living with fibromyalgia has an incredibly sensitive nervous system. It may have come about from a specific trauma, or for no known reason at all – the pain just appeared. This sensitivity can cause increased pain and sometimes fatigue. Calming the body and mind encourages the central nervous system to settle, which helps to decrease pain.
Moving Forward Therapy’s treatments are ideal for improving mobility, flexibility and stability.
Moving Forward Therapy’s packages can absolutely be tailored to your individual needs. Just call me on XXX to discuss your situation.
At this stage, Moving Forward Therapy doesn’t take insurance. However, this means I have the freedom and flexibility to treat you holistically, to ensure that you get real, long-lasting results.

You see, many physical therapists who take insurance face restrictions as to how they can treat you. For instance, they may only be able to focus on the individual area of your body experiencing pain, even if another, connected part of your body is contributing to the problem.

When you visit Moving Forward Therapy, you really are investing in your long-term health and quality of life.

Of course, I can provide you with a receipt to file or you can use your medical savings account card to help cover the cost.

Therapy such as Myofascial Release is great for relaxing the mind, body and soul. In fact, many clients have become so relaxed during a session that they’ve fallen asleep on the table! Aside from treating pain, Myofascial Release will also improve your general health and wellbeing. It’s even been known to result in younger looking skin and weight loss.
Yes, absolutely. Many of my clients have been close to giving up hope before trying Myofascial Release and have been amazed by the results. You really do have to experience the power of this treatment for yourself.
Myofascial Release is a gentle treatment, however everyone has different perceptions of pain. You are always in control of your treatment and I will listen to you and your body. We can take it as slow and gentle as you need.
Women should bring a pair of loose fitting shorts and a sports bra or a two-piece bathing suit to wear during the treatment session. Men can wear gym shorts, or something similar.
At the beginning of our session, I’ll ask you questions about the issues and/or pain that you are experiencing to ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible.

I’ll then start the physical treatment. The techniques I use are different from traditional massage, where lotion or cream is applied and there is the feeling of gliding over the skin. Massage feels great and has lots of benefits but when someone is in chronic pain they need a more specialized therapy, such as Myofascial Release.

The current science about the biology of pain shows that when people are taught about pain, it helps them heal more quickly. For this reason, I’ll also educate you about how to self-treat your pain at home, so you have the tools you need to manage future flare-ups.

Everyone’s journey to a pain-free life is different. Some people will eliminate their pain after 1-3 sessions, while other people will maintain a better quality of life when they undergo regular treatments over a longer-term period.
You can schedule a session by visiting my services page XXHYPERLINKXX. New clients are encouraged to call first on XXX for a free phone consultation.