I was diagnosed with sciatica

“I was diagnosed with sciatica when I was 60 and suffered for months with so much pain I could hardly function. I used all the chiropractic services my insurance would cover and then some and I got about 25% overall relief. I couldn’t sit in a car for more than 20 minutes without being in tears. Luckily I work 15 minutes from my home but many days I had to explain to my coworkers that I was working at a pain level of 11 or 12 on a scale of 1-10. During this time I also used traditional massage therapy – usually 1 or 2 hours a week and I got little relief. My Chiropractor recommended that I get a spinal block and recommended someone. Being the skeptical person I am, I researched everything about it and talked with several people that had gotten results – usually not with the first injection but sometimes with the second or third. One night my Bunko group had chosen to go to dinner rather than roll dice and I mentioned how much pain I was in. One person suggested the same doctor for the spinal block and another one mentioned Gail Dasher and her Myofascial Release massage specialty. Her daughter had been in a near fatal automobile wreck and Gail treated her with great results. I decided to go with the doctor first and had three spinal blocks – all with about a week of success. Then I met Gail at a function and said “don’t you do massage therapy? My neighbor recommended I come see you.” I started going to regular appointments with Gail and she gave me my life back. Gail not only treats the pain but the person as a whole and teaches you how to manage those aches and pains that keep us all from being totally mobile and doing the things we enjoy. I never travel without my massage ball and have had to explain to TSA why I can’t get on an airplane without one. Until you have sciatica pain you don’t understand how it can be so debilitating. I have recommended so many people to Gail because I see how they can benefit from her extensive MFR training. I will never consider surgery until I have given Gail and my body a chance to heal itself. The whole MFR treatment process opens your mind to options about healing your body that you have probably never considered. I always tell people that in my first session, Gail was pressing hard on my right leg and asked me to think and listen to my body. Then she asked “where do you feel this?” I said “it’s running down my left leg and into my foot…” Her comment was “I told you it was all connected!” So many people treat the pain where it is, not where it’s coming from. Gail is amazing and I truly feel that she is an answer to a prayer.”

Mary Jane Marcus