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Moving Forward Therapy


Moving Forward Therapy in Birmingham, Alabama specializes in treating all types of pain – particularly chronic pain – so you can find the relief you’ve been searching for and reclaim your life.

Specialized Deep Tissue Treatment

Infrared Sauna Sessions

Pain Coaching

My powerful method gets results because it addresses the source of your pain, through a system of bodywork known as Myofascial Release, along with specialized deep tissue treatment, infrared sauna sessions and pain coaching.

I also give you the tools you need to manage your pain over the long-term, so you’ll be able to recognize the early warning signs (before you even feel any discomfort) and combat future flare-ups.

Who I help:

  • People battling acute or chronic pain who want to relieve their suffering, improve their mobility and resume a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Athletes and personal trainers who are recovering from strain or injury, and want to heal more quickly so they can enjoy longer, more successful careers.
  • People experiencing stress, depression or anxiety who are looking for a complementary way to treat their symptoms.


What is Myofascial Release?

Myofascial Release is one of the most effective methods for pain-relief available and has recently started to attract widespread attention for its amazing results.

Your body is protected by a soft, elastic substance known as Fascia (or connective tissue), which surrounds your muscles, bones, arteries, veins and nerves. But when you experience emotional or physical trauma, inflammation and/or injury, this three-dimensional layer becomes tight and restricted, placing immense pressure on your system.

This is what creates pain.

Myofascial Release uses gentle pressure, movement and stretching to soften and relax the Fascia, so it becomes fluid and gel-like again, thus calming your nervous system, alleviating your pain and restoring your mobility.

The method is so powerful that many people with acute or chronic pain have experienced complete transformations after undergoing a series of Myofascial Release treatments.

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